• Winter can hang out. I don't care. All are welcome at my first outdoor gig of the season. This Friday, April 18th, I begin another series of monthly appearences at Flying Otter Winery & Vineyard out in the really rural part of Adrian, Michigan. One Friday each month, I will sing deep catalog cuts, brand new songs, and a few choice covers in their pastoral, wooden (heated and sheltered) pavilion overlooking the vineyard. It's very relaxing.


    Friday, April 18 / 6-8pm
    Flying Otter Winery & Vineyards
    3402 Chase Rd. - Adrian, MI
    Predicted forecast: 58° / 30% of rain / 100% you'll be fine


  • Headlining the Ark

    On Friday, March 14th, I will make my first appearance as a headliner at The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI. I've had a long history with this venue and first began playing their open mic nights when I was 15. I've been a volunteer, an opener, played tribute nights, and sat in with other bands, but now I'm very pleased to be playing my own night at this classic venue. Joining me on stage for part of the set are my esteemed colleagues and crack backing band State Park. My wonderful friends Gifts or Creatures will open the show.


  • Great Lakes Myth Society - 10th Anniversary Show

    Since the late 90's, I've been in a band with Jamie Monger, Greg McIntosh, Scott McClintock, and Fido Kennington. I've never had a more fulfilling artistic experience or a better (crazier) time hanging out than with these four wonderful friends. 

    In February 2004, after two albums released under another name, we played our first show as Great Lakes Myth Society. This Friday, February 21st, ten years later (to the day), we celebrate our 10th anniversary as GLMS with a huge show at PJ's Lager House in Detroit. Joining us are three amazing bands we've met along the way that we're proud to call friends. We'll also be celebrating the birthday of our dear friend, Jen Harley whose lovely artwork has adorned posters by all of the bands involved. 

    For more info, check out the Facebook invite here. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our music over the years and continues to do so.


  • A Well-Heated Venue on a Cold Winter Night

    On Friday, January 10th, I'll be returning to the Trinity House Theatre, which is one of my favorite venues in Michigan. It's a lovely, quiet little place with a small old cemetary next to it surrounded incongruously by vast swaths of southeastern Michigan sprawl. Like those tiny neighborhood parks around which cities imposingly grew, the theater and its cemetary have persevered through the years and now represent a healthy artistic community.

    Here's what I can offer:

    • A well-heated venue on a cold winter night
    • Piano and accordion accompaniment by my longtime friend and collaborator Patrick Herek
    • A wonderful opening set by singer/songwriter Ian Link
    • Jumper cables (if required)

    I'm confident that I can deliver on those four promises and can probably offer more, but will stop there, just in case. 

    Happy new year.

  • Yuletide

    I've filled my flask with single malt and waxed my wooden skis. Winter weather is here and all of the traditions that arrive with it. Wool coats, wool socks, irresponsible drivers, Salvation Army bell ringers, Vince Guaraldi's piano, and of course, Mittenfest! For eight years now, the Yuletide season has ended with a festival of music and good cheer benefiting the 826 Michigan creative writing and tutoring program. This year, I have the honor of opening the festival which takes place at Woodruff's in Ypsilanti from December 27th to the 31st. I'm the first act on Day One, so come join me at 7:15pm on Friday, December 27th and we'll ring in Mittenfest Vlll and ring out the old year.


  • End of the Season

    How much more black could Black Friday be?  The answer is none. None more black.

    I'll be celebrating seasonal commerce with a rare daytime show at Flying Otter Winery in Adrian, MI. It's their second anniversary party and they'd be glad to sell you some wine while I sing songs from 1 to 3pm.


  • Surf & Turf, Vol. 1

    Many years ago I came up with a concept show that paired a set of maritime music with a set of old cowboy and western songs.  It would be titled "Surf & Turf". Originally, I thought it would be a DJ set in some dingy old bar where I would just get to drink whiskey and spin Louis Killen and Tex Ritter records all night.  Eventually it seemed a like a more exciting idea to actually learn a bunch of these songs and play them live, but learning 30+ new songs seemed a bit daunting and I never quite got around to committing myself to the task.  

    Earlier this year, after hearing my friend Dave Boutette pull out some wonderful old cowboy standards at a gig, it occured to me to ask if he'd want to take over the "turf" portion of the project allowing me to focus just on maritime songs which are my personal preference anyway.  Calls were made, a venue was booked and we each got to work learning songs of land and sea.

    Set One: Timothy Monger sings sea chanteys and related maritime music
    Set Two: Dave Boutette sings cowboy songs and lonesome ballads of the open range 

    The show is at Old Town Tavern in Ann Arbor on Sunday, November 17th. It's free and begins at 8pm.

  • I Am Autumnaton

    I'm not so busy wearing sweaters and drinking dark beer that I can't stop to play guitar once in a while.  I'll put down my Ray Bradbury novel twice this week in order to play some music for you.  Then it's back to classic October tasks like long introspective walks and raking.

    Wednesday, October 9th: To celebrate John Lennon's birthday, I'll be playing a Beatles song at the Veterans For Peace benefit concert at The Ark in Ann Arbor. The show features a lot of great acts and starts at 7:30pm. Info here.

    Friday, October 11th: Because I love hanging out at Adrian's Flying Otter Winery with my guitar and because the weather has been so damned perfect, I'm going to sing from 6-8pm out in the wine pavilion overlooking the vineyard.  It's very pretty and it's a nice drive down there.  Show up!


  • Lack of Impending Disasters Bodes Well For Upcoming Shows

    I'll be making my debut at two different Michigan venues in the month of August.  On Saturday, August 17th I'll sing where beer is made at the Chelsea Alehouse. They appear to have a pretty active music scene going on over there and I'm fond of craft beer.  There would have to be some sort of zombie epidemic or evil robot invasion for that not to be a fun night.

    The following weekend on Saturday, August 24th, my bandmates will be joining me for a rare all-acoustic State Park appearance at Hollerfest out in the Irish Hills area.  Many great bands and friends will be playing throughout the weekend at this outdoor music festival and it would take some sort of horrible plague or massive earthquake to prevent me from enjoying myself.

    Have I jinxed it?  Send me your hate mail if any of these things (aside from the gigs) come true.