• Winter Love

    Currently writing, recording, rehearsing, and fostering dynamic fits of magical musical creativity to be revealed at a later date. Also winter sports, when applicable. In the meantime, two solo January performances:

    Mon. January 11, 2020 / 7-9PM
    Albion Malleable Brewing - Albion, Michigan

    Sat. January 25, 2020 / 7-9PM
    Ann Arbor Distilling Co. - Ann Arbor, MI



    If I've seemed a little quiet this year, it's because I'm intentionally gigging less and spending more time trying to fill up this notebook. My motto for 2019 has been "Run/Write/Read/Record" (the 4 R's... kind of). These are four endeavors that consistenly fill my sails and keep me feeling sharp. If I can manage at least one or two of them each day, I'm moving in the right direction. A great day includes all four.

    My next album is slowly revealing itself through a concerted push to finish a backlog of older songs which have in turn inspired several newer ones. I'll be working some of them out on stage during a handful of summer shows, but for the time being, the bulk of my energy will be spent working at home on demos and seeing how they all hang together. 

    It's easy to get caught up in the chaos and dole out your time to unpleasantness and easy distractions. Sometimes you have to remind yourself to do the things you love. Make them routine, set a daily reminder, write them on your hand... give yourself some power! You'll be better for it.


  • A March Classic

    Picking up where the Metro Times Blowout left off, the Hamtramck Music Festival is a March classic. This will be my second appearance at the festival and I'll be opening a great Saturday (March 9) night roster of bands with a semi-electric solo set at Baker Streetcar Bar. I  play at 8:15pm sharp! Come grab tickets at the door or better yet, get your wristbands in advance and go see about a million bands over the weekend.



    A hearty and productive New Year to you all! This is the time of year when I try to sharpen my focus, take on new challenges, redirect energies, and hopefully emerge in a few months with some creative triumphs. Winter often gets a bad rap, but as an Aquarian, I'm rather fond of it. While I'm not playing very many shows this season, the ones I am doing are pretty special. Of particular note is my Adrian College appearance singing under the dome of Robinson Planetarium on February 15th.

    Winter Shows:

    Friday, February 8
    Ann Arbor Distilling Co. - Ann Arbor, MI | 7pm 

    Friday, February 15
    Robinson Planetarium @ Adrian College - Adrian, MI | 7pm


  • Surf & Turf, V.6

    A durable November tradition notches its sixth season as Dave Boutette and I once again swap songs of the sea (surf) and the old west (turf) at Surf & Turf, Volume 6 on Sunday, November 11 at Ann Arbor's Old Town Tavern. Altering our well-established format for the first time, Dave and I will now each take on our fair share of songs from both genres so you can really see what we're made of (mostly brine and hard tack). 

    More importantly, the great Jenny Harley really outdid herself on this year's poster which is usually the best part of Surf & Turf anyway. 

    As always, the galley/chuckwagon at Old Town will be offering up a Surf & Turf entrée to compliment the salty tunes.

    Music starts at 8pm.
    Always free, always fun.


  • Where the Songs/Gigs Are

    Although I'm trying to write year-round, it's largely a lot of brick wall-hitting with the occasional new line or two which to me constitutes a small creative victory. It's always been like this. I'm a very slow songwriter.

    The exceptions are in the shoulder seasons and, almost like clockwork, I tend to get a little more inspired and productive in the first weeks of September (and similarly in early April). Several half-written songs that I'm very proud of and have been toiling over for years are almost done and that's an exciting feeling! I've thought a lot about writing this year and even lead a workshop at a songwriting retreat in Michigan's Upper Peninsula over the summer which forced me to really examine my process. While it hasn't sped things up very much, I've gained some new perspectives and learned from others which seems to be helpful. 

    I'm also learning a lot from working on music that isn't my own. Over the past month I've been helping Lansing singer/songwriter Monte Pride record his second album and it's been so much fun getting to know his songs and methods in an intimate way. Helping out with production and arrangements is something I love to do and working on Monte's earthy poetic music has served as inspiration to approach my own songs in a different way. 

    Over the next couple of months I've got a handful of shows around Southeast Michigan and if you listen closely, you might hear me working out some of my new ideas on stage.

    Sat. 9/29 - Black Fire Winery - Tecumseh, MI
    Fri. 10/5 - Zou Zou's Cafe - Chelsea, MI
    Sun. 10/7 - River's Edge Brewing Co. - Milford, MI
    Sat. 10/27 - Flying Otter Vineyard - Adrian, MI
    Sun. 11/11 - Surf & Turf VI - Old Town Tavern - Ann Arbor, MI
    Fri. 11/23 - Ann Arbor Distilling Co. - Ann Arbor, MI


  • Announcing a special springtime co-headlining show with my good friend Dave Boutette at Ann Arbor's historic underground house venue, Johnny's Speakeasy. Following our fifth Surf & Turf collaboration last November, Dave and I decided it was time we book a show together that focused strictly on our own material. We were lucky enough to book the most exclusive and charming venue in town. If you've been to Johnny's, you know the drill. If you're a rookie, we urge to you check out one of the Midwest's best kept secrets. 

    Tickets are $15 and will be sold in advance only. Doors at 7pm, show at 8. For information on how to join us, please e-mail