• Single Premier + Amber Lantern Pre-order

    "Plough King," the first single from Amber Lantern, is premiering today on the Mostly Midwest music blog. Check out their nice write-up on it here.

    You can also now pre-order Amber Lantern from my Bandcamp site.

    Lastly, you can stream "Plough King" below or at my SoundCloud page. 

    Happy New Year!
  • Amber Lantern Release Show

    I'm very pleased to announce that the release show for my new album, Amber Lantern, will be on February 8th, 2017 at the Ark in Ann Arbor. As an added bonus, Starling Electric's very own Caleb Dillon will be doing a rare solo set to open the show. I'm excited about every aspect of this show. Tickets are available now from the Ark's website.

  • Amber Lantern is Funded!!!

    My humble thanks to the many fans and friends who stepped forward to help fund my Kickstarter campaign for Amber Lantern. I will soon be moving forward with mixing sessions in early August. I will continue to post updates here on my website, on Facebook, and at my Kickstarter Spotlight page. 

    I've also got a couple of solo shows coming up in the next couple of weeks. On Saturday, July 23, I'll be opening up for Columbus-based indie duo The Receiver at Trinity House Theatre in Livonia, MI. The following weekend, on Friday, July 29, I'll be playing a couple of sets at the Cultivate Coffee & Taphouse Beer Garden in Ypsilanti. 


  • New Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Third Album

    I'm very happy to announce that I'm wrapping up recording sessions for my third solo album which will be called Amber Lantern. It has been an intense, but rewarding couple of years and I'm so proud of this new material. I can't wait to share some new music but, before I can move on to the next phase of production (mixing, mastering, artwork, etc.), I need to ask for some help.

    Today, I am launching a new Kickstarter campaign in order to raise the funds that will allow me to complete my work and get the album released. The link to my campaign is here:

     At my Kickstarter page, you can read all about the album, watch a short video, and learn how the funds would be used. I'm offering a number of different pledge rewards and incentives that you might find interesting, but at the most basic level, you can consider even the smallest pledge to simply be a pre-order for the album.

    If you've enjoyed my music over the years, I hope you'll consider learning more about my new project to see if you'd like to be a part of it.

    Thank you so much!

  • June Tidings

    Hello, friends. After a period of quietude, I'm beginning to gear up for some big news which I'll announce later this month. But first, I'm stepping out of the studio to play a couple of early summer shows in Southeast Michigan.

    I've been lucky enough to get asked back to play at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival again this year. On Thursday, June 16th at 6pm, I'll be playing a solo set on the O&W Acoustic Stage to kick off a rock-solid evening lineup that includes Misty Lyn & the Big Beautiful and Chris Bathgate playing on the Rackham Stage. 

    If crowded festivals aren't your thing, I'll be playing my second summer show at Flying Otter Vineyard & Winery down in Lenawee County on Saturday, June 11th from 6-8pm. This is a much more casual affair set among the bucolic rolling hills just south of Tecumseh, MI. 


  • Recording Update & West Side Show

    Throughout the early months of 2016, I've retreated night after night to my warmly lit recording den to continue work on my third LP. Aside from the expected victories and heartaches that come from recording music, I also weathered a nasty cappuccino spill into the guts of my computer and managed to come out the other side, songs and machine intact. Thank you to the confident techs at Apples & Oranges in Ann Arbor for saving my rig! The progress should continue throughout the Spring as I eye the finish line. I'm grateful as well to the various friends who have now loaned me three different 12-strings and various other bits of gear. 

    Since the studio is my focus right now, I'm keeping gigs to a minimum, but I can truly say that on March 6, I'll be elated to return to Salt of the Earth in over in Fennville, Michigan. I played a show there three years ago with moderate expectations and was literally left awestruck by the great sounding room, appreciative crowd, exquisite food, and the very humane treatment of visiting musicians. I finally managed to talk them into booking me again and this time I'm bringing along two of my favorite singer/songwriters to share the night with me. Matt Jones and Misty Lyn will road trip it with me to Fennville and presumably fall in love with the venue just as I did. The three of us will swap songs starting at 7pm on Sunday, March 6. Wherever you are that night, please consider making your own road trip to join us.


  • It's Jenny Harley's birthday. It's a day worth celebrating for those who are lucky enough call her a friend, but for those who don't know her personally, you can be thankful for her beautiful artwork which has graced many stunning Southeast Michigan concert posters, album covers, and the annual set design for Mittenfest. Drunken Barn Dance is fronting the bill and they are another personal favorite. I was recently left humbled and awestruck when DBD honcho Scott Sellwood name-dropped my brother and I in their latest single, "Churches" and they'll be celebrating the release of their killer new EP, Big Bend, at this show. Friday, February 19th at the Elks Lodge in Ann Arbor. The amazing Matt Jones and Models + Architects are also on the bill which I'll be opening. 


  • Lamp Light / Surf & Turf

    Two very different shows over a big weekend:

    Friday, November 6
    Lamp Light Music Festival / Eastown, Grand Rapids

    On Friday night I'm making my debut at the third annual Lamp Light Music Festival, a house concert festival in Grand Rapids' Eastown district. I've heard nothing but great things from everyone who has played in previous years and I'm really excited about it. It will be my first gig in Grand Rapids since 2010 and I'm bringing State Park guitarist Ryan Gimpert along to do our first show together as a duo. We're playing at the Bird House at 11:15pm, but there are great acts all night at each of the houses. 

    Lamp Light Festival: Schedule
    Lamp Light Festival: Facebook Event Page

    Sunday, November 8
    Surf & Turf, V.3 / Old Town Tavern, Ann Arbor

    On Sunday night, my annual Surf & Turf  concert with Dave Boutette comes into its own with year number three, the knockout round! New tunes and old favorites in our favorite format...

    SURF: Timothy Monger sings sea chanteys, maritime tunes, and assorted nautical fare.
    TURF: Dave Boutette sings cowboy songs, campfire tunes, and music of the Old West. 

    Thank you once again to the wonderful Jenny Harley for her brilliant poster art.

    Music starts at 8pm. No cover.


  • Harvest Festival

    The first and only time I played at the West Park Band Shell I was 17 and behind a drum kit. My brief teenage stint as drummer for Brighton noise rock band Galen took me to several great Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti underground venues (R.I.P. The Green Room and the original Performance Network space) and introduced me to a lot of great music that was previously out of my scope of knowledge or interest. I have Aaron Dilloway to thank for that. I don't remember much about the day we played at the Band Shell or what other weirdo indie bands were on the bill, but it was 1994 and surely involved some of the Community High bands we frequently gigged with. I distinctly remember the disorienting ricochet of my snare drum off of the adjacent Miller Manor apartment block throwing off my already shaky timekeeping.

    Several years later I moved to Ann Arbor just a couple of blocks away from West Park and its gentle hills became a regular neighborhood backdrop for the follies and dramas of my early-20's. I even have a long-unfinished and, in retrospect, completely overwrought song celebrating West Park. So, last month when my friend Kevin suddenly decided to set up an Autumn festival there, I jumped at the chance to play on that stage again.

    It will be just me and my guitar this time, but some other great local acts are also on the bill like Rollie Tussing & the Midwest Territory Band and my GLMS bandmate Greg McIntosh's latest project Loose Teeth. The fact that Kevin managed to throw together such an appealing little festival in so short a time is a testament to what a productive badass he is. There will be local art, food trucks, various vendors, and you can bring your dog.

    5th Ward Harvest Festival
    Saturday, October 3rd
    2-8pm / Free
    West Park Band Shell
    Ann Arbor, MI



  • River Street Anthology Sessions

    I feel fortunate in a lot of ways, but getting to be a part of Matt Jones's River Street Anthology project with so many other brilliant musicians has been a highlight of my year. I'm just one of over 100 Michigan-based artists who have so far recorded a song for the project, but my session happened to overlap with a visit from multi-media renaissance man Steven Michael Holmes who was in Ypsilanti doing a shoot for his blog Mostly Midwest. He has offered a sneak peak at the Anthology and it includes a video of me playing a new song called "Outside the Venue." A slightly more robust version of this tune will be featured on my next LP.

    Mostly Midwest: First Look: The River Street Anthology