• Looking Back / Looking Forward

    Calling 2017 a tumultuous year might be underselling it, but amid all the turmoil there was brightness, joy, and progress too. For my part, I'm very proud to have been able to put some new music into the world, film my first video, and play a bunch of fun shows with a great band. Thank you to all who listened to and enjoyed Amber Lantern and especially to my many collaborators throughout the year. Jenny Harley, Brian Lillie, Chad Sturdivant, Matt Collar, Tom McCartan, Leah Diehl, Patrick Herek, Greg McIntosh, James Monger, Fido Kennington, Peter WoodmanGeoff Michael... I'm looking at you! 

    I'm am excited to make as much music as I can in 2018 and already have a number of new songs written and shows on the calendar. First up is a hometown show in Saline, MI on January 27th at my local brewery Stony Lake Brewing Co. as part of the Acoustic Routes series. I'll be co-headlining with my friends Gifts or Creatures from Kalamazoo whose third album, Fair Mitten, was one of my absolute favorite releases of this past year. The poster is another gem from Jenny Harley.

    Wishing you all happiness and health in the new year.


  • Hayward

    It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of my first ever music video. The song, "Hayward," is one of the centerpieces of my album, Amber Lantern, and we did our best to give it a striking visual aesthetic to match the recording's pastoral romantic nature. It was filmed in late summer entirely in my old hometown of Brighton, Michigan whose rustic lakes and forests acted as a stand-in for the song's namesake, Hayward, Wisconsin.

    A video is something I've thought about doing for many years, but somehow never made a priority until this year and I have my friend Brian Lillie to thank for helping me finally see it through. It was far less painful than I thought it would be and ended up being one of the highlights of my summer.

    So as the weather grays and the temperatures drop, here's one last bit of Indian Summer warmth for you to view on the small screen of your choice. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.

    I also urge you to please read the following acknowledgements as all of these people were crucial in making this project a reality.


    Director: Brian Lillie
    Aerial Photographer: Peter Woodman
    Launch Boat Captain: William H. Monger
    Craft Services: Mary Jane Monger + James Christopher Monger

    Starring: Timothy Monger, "Old Paint," Jack Spack's canoe, and...

    Matt Collar - trumpet
    Patrick Herek - electric piano
    Chad Sturdivant - drums
    Tom McCartan - bass
    Leah Diehl - keyboard

    Thank you: Brian Lillie, Peter Woodman, William H. Monger, Mary Jane Monger, James Christopher Monger, Matt Collar, Patrick Herek, Chad Sturdivant, Tom McCartan, Leah Diehl, Kristie Brablec, Jack Spack Jr., Natalie + Nathan Zolg, Jenny Harley, and Skylar Woodman


  • Surf & Turf, V.5

    A now-annual event whose legs have proven remarkably seaworthy, Surf & Turf enters its fifth year. Once again, my compadre Dave Boutette and I will enliven a Sunday evening in November with songs of the sea (myself) and songs of the west (Dave) while our host venue, Old Town Tavern, serves up a tasty dish to match. 

    As always, our silent partner in this venture is the remarkable Jenny Harley whose artwork has now graced each of the five Surf & Turf posters. 

    Sunday, November 5th
    Old Town Tavern 
    122 W. Liberty St.
    Ann Arbor, MI
    8-10pm | No Cover


  • Harvest Gathering 2017

    Back in 2011, while promoting my second album, I was lucky enough to land a slot at Earthwork Farm's annual Harvest Gathering music festival in Northern Michigan. I had few expectations at the time and just a small bit of apprehension about spending a weekend camping in close quarters in a remote field.

    It ended up being a personal highlight for me in an already fortunate year. I met some wonderful people, connected with some old friends, heard a ton of great music, ate amazing food, and spent a very carefree 48 hours lounging about on some of the nicest land I can remember. I always vowed I'd find a way back up there and now, with another new album out into the world, I'm finally trekking back up to Lake City, Michigan. 

    In a wonderful twist of fate, I'll be joined once again by my great friend and Great Lakes Myth Society bandmate Gregory McIntosh, with whom I recorded this amusing video during the 2011 festival:

    It will also mark the unexpected third date on the 2017 Monger/McIntosh reunion tour which has so far included Dexter, Michigan and New York City. Many thanks to Seth Bernard and the Earthwork team for booking us.


  • Summer's End

    I know a lot of people mourn the dwindling days of summer, but it's generally one of my favorite times of the year. As someone who is always trying to control his environment, I welcome the dramatic shifts into spring and fall. Whether I'm ready or not, it forces me into a change of surroundings which usually sparks a creative period. Sure enough, as the evenings start to cool earlier, I find myself filling notebooks with the raw material of future songs and feeling like anything is possible!

    Meanwhile, there are live dates on the calendar to attend to. Here's what's on the docket for the creatively fertile months of August and September...

    August 24 / The Blind Pig
    A solo set opening for Canadian indie rockers Current Swell at a beloved hometown joint.

    August 26 / Holler Fest
    State Park returns to this pastoral festival spot in the Irish Hills of Michigan.

    September 15 / Harvest Gathering
    The last time I played at Earthworks' lovely Northern festival was 2011. This time I'll be joined by my dear friend and Great Lakes Myth Society bandmate, Gregory McIntosh for our third appearance together this year!

    September 23 / Flying Otter Vineyard & Winery
    Another solo acoustic show and seasonal bookend to my April show at this beautiful Southern Michigan winery.


  • A2SF + NYC + GLMS

    Having enjoyed some spirited solo sets on the acoustic stage for the past few years, 2017 marks the debut of State Park on the Ann Arbor Summer Festival's Top of the Park main stage. Come see us headline the Rackham Stage on June 29th at 8:30pm! This show will feature the expanded six-piece lineup.

    Also that week, on June 27th, I'll be in NYC for a brief one-night appearance with Great Lakes Myth Society guitarist Gregory Dean McIntosh at City Winery as part of our friend Jesse Paris Smith's 30th Birthday Celebration

    Lastly, -- and dramatically overshadowed by fellow Ann Arborite Bob Seger's similar announcement -- Great Lakes Myth Society's catalog is now available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and wherever else music is streamed. 


  • This show is special for a number of reasons, the most significant of which is the return to Ann Arbor of my good friend and Great Lakes Myth Society bandmate J. Scott McClintock. After relocating out East in 2010, Scott joined cosmic Americana gang the Royal Wigs who will be making their Michigan debut with us on May 13th at the Blind Pig. In an ironic twist, the Wigs' drum throne will be manned that night by GLMS's other rhythmic half, the mighty Fido Kennington who also pulled off a successful guest appearnce with State Park back in March. Also joining us that nice are newcomers Caviar Gold

    As many of you are aware, the Blind Pig is up for sale and our musical community is keeping its fingers crossed that its doors will remain open so it can maintain its vital link in the chain for regional and touring rock bands. My own musical history (as a concertgoer and perfomer) with the Pig spans nearly a quarter century and Great Lakes Myth Society (and the Original Brothers and Sisters of Love before that) played some of our most ferocious, sweatiest, and epic rock shows on its stage. We are sincerly hoping this will not be a swan song for one of the great Midwestern rock venues.

    Whatever future befalls our beloved venue, there's no time like the present to come out and champion great music! 


  • Track For ACLU Charity Compilation

    I recently donated a cover of Bob Dylan/The Band's "I Shall Be Released" to Detroit-made compilation benefitting both the Michigan and national chapters of the ACLU. Stronger Than Fear is out today (4/21/17) via Fourth Line Records and features some other great cover song contributions from my friends Fred Thomas, Zach Curd, Korin Visocchi, Dave Lawson, and others. The digital album is available on Bandcamp on a pay what you want basis. You can listen to my track below and check out the entire album here.


  • State Park's Spring Season

    Two early spring shows for your consideration:

    The Ann Arbor Distilling Co. has emerged as an up and coming venue in Ann Arbor. A sort of choose your own adventure space, we've opted to offer a free early show on Saturday, March 25th with our friends Little Traps. In a room full of barrelled spirits and amps, everyone is a winner.

    A week later, on March 31st, we'll make our Oakland County debut at Ferndale's favorite pool hall/rock grotto, the Loving Touch. The last time I was there I watched Teenage Fanclub mop the floor with melody, setting the bar pretty high. But, we're game and we will certainly benefit from sharing the evening with Border Patrol and Ryan Dillaha & the Miracle Men.