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    If I've seemed a little quiet this year, it's because I'm intentionally gigging less and spending more time trying to fill up this notebook. My motto for 2019 has been "Run/Write/Read/Record" (the 4 R's... kind of). These are four endeavors that consistenly fill my sails and keep me feeling sharp. If I can manage at least one or two of them each day, I'm moving in the right direction. A great day includes all four.

    My next album is slowly revealing itself through a concerted push to finish a backlog of older songs which have in turn inspired several newer ones. I'll be working some of them out on stage during a handful of summer shows, but for the time being, the bulk of my energy will be spent working at home on demos and seeing how they all hang together. 

    It's easy to get caught up in the chaos and dole out your time to unpleasantness and easy distractions. Sometimes you have to remind yourself to do the things you love. Make them routine, set a daily reminder, write them on your hand... give yourself some power! You'll be better for it.