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  • Surf & Turf, V.6

    A durable November tradition notches its sixth season as Dave Boutette and I once again swap songs of the sea (surf) and the old west (turf) at Surf & Turf, Volume 6 on Sunday, November 11 at Ann Arbor's Old Town Tavern. Altering our well-established format for the first time, Dave and I will now each take on our fair share of songs from both genres so you can really see what we're made of (mostly brine and hard tack). 

    More importantly, the great Jenny Harley really outdid herself on this year's poster which is usually the best part of Surf & Turf anyway. 

    As always, the galley/chuckwagon at Old Town will be offering up a Surf & Turf entrée to compliment the salty tunes.

    Music starts at 8pm.
    Always free, always fun.