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  • Hayward

    It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of my first ever music video. The song, "Hayward," is one of the centerpieces of my album, Amber Lantern, and we did our best to give it a striking visual aesthetic to match the recording's pastoral romantic nature. It was filmed in late summer entirely in my old hometown of Brighton, Michigan whose rustic lakes and forests acted as a stand-in for the song's namesake, Hayward, Wisconsin.

    A video is something I've thought about doing for many years, but somehow never made a priority until this year and I have my friend Brian Lillie to thank for helping me finally see it through. It was far less painful than I thought it would be and ended up being one of the highlights of my summer.

    So as the weather grays and the temperatures drop, here's one last bit of Indian Summer warmth for you to view on the small screen of your choice. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.

    I also urge you to please read the following acknowledgements as all of these people were crucial in making this project a reality.


    Director: Brian Lillie
    Aerial Photographer: Peter Woodman
    Launch Boat Captain: William H. Monger
    Craft Services: Mary Jane Monger + James Christopher Monger

    Starring: Timothy Monger, "Old Paint," Jack Spack's canoe, and...

    Matt Collar - trumpet
    Patrick Herek - electric piano
    Chad Sturdivant - drums
    Tom McCartan - bass
    Leah Diehl - keyboard

    Thank you: Brian Lillie, Peter Woodman, William H. Monger, Mary Jane Monger, James Christopher Monger, Matt Collar, Patrick Herek, Chad Sturdivant, Tom McCartan, Leah Diehl, Kristie Brablec, Jack Spack Jr., Natalie + Nathan Zolg, Jenny Harley, and Skylar Woodman