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  • Amber Lantern, Available Now

    My third album, Amber Lantern, is now available to purchase, download, and stream. 

    Downloads, CD's, and limited edition orange vinyl can be found at my Bandcamp site.

    You can stream or download Amber Lantern from...

    Amazon MP3
    Google Play

    ... and numerous other digital outlets across the web. 

    This album was not easy to make, nor was it made alone. I owe great debt of gratitude to Geoff Michael, Jenny Harley, Chad Sturdivant, Patrick Herek, Matt Collar, Christian Anderson, Ryan Gimpert, Serge van der Voo, Cathy Franklin, James Christopher Monger, Brian McCoy, Eric Conn, Dan Shepelavy, Kristie Brablec, William & Mary Jane Monger, Mariah Cherem, the Ann Arbor District Library, Doug Coombe, Chuck Sipperley, Jim Roll, Peter Woodman, Brian Peters, Tom McCartan, Leah Diehl, Greg McIntosh, Scott McClintock, Fido Kennington, and of course the many fans who supported the Kickstarter campaign which allowed me to finish my work. Thank you also to my talented friends in the musical communities of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Detroit, and throughout Michigan.