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  • Harvest Festival

    The first and only time I played at the West Park Band Shell I was 17 and behind a drum kit. My brief teenage stint as drummer for Brighton noise rock band Galen took me to several great Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti underground venues (R.I.P. The Green Room and the original Performance Network space) and introduced me to a lot of great music that was previously out of my scope of knowledge or interest. I have Aaron Dilloway to thank for that. I don't remember much about the day we played at the Band Shell or what other weirdo indie bands were on the bill, but it was 1994 and surely involved some of the Community High bands we frequently gigged with. I distinctly remember the disorienting ricochet of my snare drum off of the adjacent Miller Manor apartment block throwing off my already shaky timekeeping.

    Several years later I moved to Ann Arbor just a couple of blocks away from West Park and its gentle hills became a regular neighborhood backdrop for the follies and dramas of my early-20's. I even have a long-unfinished and, in retrospect, completely overwrought song celebrating West Park. So, last month when my friend Kevin suddenly decided to set up an Autumn festival there, I jumped at the chance to play on that stage again.

    It will be just me and my guitar this time, but some other great local acts are also on the bill like Rollie Tussing & the Midwest Territory Band and my GLMS bandmate Greg McIntosh's latest project Loose Teeth. The fact that Kevin managed to throw together such an appealing little festival in so short a time is a testament to what a productive badass he is. There will be local art, food trucks, various vendors, and you can bring your dog.

    5th Ward Harvest Festival
    Saturday, October 3rd
    2-8pm / Free
    West Park Band Shell
    Ann Arbor, MI